MOMfia Inc.

In San Diego, we’re all about the Families…

What began as a nickname for our group of outspoken and so very cool San Diego blogging mamas is now a new favorite site to bookmark to read about all the happenings in San Diego.

Brought together by the Internet, the San Diego MOMfia is a community-based group website starring some of your favorite local bloggers. We all love to talk, we all have a lot to say and now we have another outlet. The site will offer new and syndicated content in written by each of us in our own style. In addition, we are going to post profiles of our favorite shops, restaurants and attractions and recaps of special events. The goal is for the San Diego MOMfia to be our second blogosphere home.

The San Diego MOMfia Mission Statement:

We are a supportive group of bloggers that seeks to inform, inspire and entertain while highlighting the people, places, causes and businesses in San Diego that we feel passionate about. We are a community of educated, out-spoken people all with our own voices, coming together to share our unique points of view.

Basically, we just like to hear ourselves talk.